Total Body Balance

Our Team

The Beleura Health Solutions team provides the highest standard Our Teamof care to our patients. All our therapists have completed tertiary degrees that are recognised as top programs throughout the country and have received extensive training in their field. Our physiotherapy team uses scientifically-developed techniques and protocols to ensure your rehabilitation is timely and in line with the best and most appropriate treatment plan for your condition.  


Lisa Wilson

Antony Hirst

Lachlan Wakeling

Liana Cope

Margaret Churcher

Tele Demetrious

Rebecca Barr

Tahnee Janssens

Jack Morrissey

Austin Anthony


Pierre Zumkley

Abbie Cagliarini

Beth Pederick

Connor Scott

Jessica Westell

Campbell Flack

Paula Harry

Charlee West



Massage / Myotherapists

Lachlan Gregory

Sean Jones

Jacinda Minahan


Exercise Physiologists

Rachel Young (nee Clark)


Tim Dirago




Reception Team

Jill Bizon (Mornington Practice Manager)

Heather Thomson

Christine Holt

Sue Humphrey

Wendy Christensen (Senior Admin Hastings)

Simone Fennell

Megan Essing

Rhiannon Lester 

Ashley Budds

Sage Fuller

Leeanne Graham

Marsha Beckerleg

Elisha Van Leeuwen

Samantha Cohen

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