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Progressive organisations know the importance of looking after the health of their staff – particularly high risk topics such as back and neck care. The reality is preventative exercise therapy and education are two facets of Human Resources management that is often taken for granted, but which can result in considerable expense, risk and administration for a company that doesn’t take it seriously.

Beleura Health Solutions’ corporate education programs are aimed at organisations that recognize the health of their employees is one of their greatest assets.

Preventative programs can save rehabilitation costs, downtime and productivity losses, but at the end of the day, if your employees don’t listen, understand or apply what they learn, it’s wasted time, effort and investment.

That’s why Beleura’s unique 5 point program delivers real benefits. Our specialised delivery and hands-on approach really gets through to the audience, resulting in clearer understanding of the key messages and greater application of the training in work practices.

We’ve worked with a number of organisations including:

  • Transfield Services
  • South East Water
  • Thiess Services
  • US Utility Services
  • The Bays Hospital

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