Total Body Balance

Educational Videos

Beleura Health Solutions provides a range of educational videos from our professional therapists, presented in easy to understand language, on a variety of topics.

Simply click on the topic that interests you or visit our Beleura Health YouTube Channel.

Liana demonstrates the correct way to apply effective ankle strapping.


Antony Hirst describes the proper way to fit a knee strap to reduce knee pain.

Antony Hirst, Beleura Physiotherapist, discusses ankle braces for sport.


Physiotherapist Liana Cope demonstrates rotator cuff strengthening exercises.

Rachel from Beleura demonstrates useful exercises for core stability and posture.


Antony: A few simple ideas on an effective warm up for golfers.



Antony: How to use a lumbar roll most effectively


Lisa: Two challenging Pilates exercises for home


Lachlan: How to fit your tennis elbow strap properly


Lisa: How the elderly can benefit from balance and strength training


 Lachlan: Setting up an ergonomic desk for work or home


Antony: The risks of over-training in children


Lisa: Mat Pilates


Lachlan: The correct calf stretching technique


Antony: The benefits of using a good pillow


Lachlan: Stretch your hamstring, not your sciatic nerve


Lisa: 3 levels of Pilates mat exercises for home


Antony: managing neck problems at work


Lisa: What is the “core”?


Antony: Two exercises to help overcome neck and upper back pain


Lisa: What is Reformer Pilates?

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