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Session 3. Tipping The Balance

In this session we continue to talk about reducing those things that may represent Danger to our systems (DIMs), and maximising those things that represent Safety (SIMs).  Remember you don’t have to make everything perfect, you just need to tip the balance.

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Key themes today:

  • Motivation for a big task like tackling long term pain can be hard. START with setting goals that are IMPORTANT to you and reflect your values. “If pain was less of a problem for you, what would you be doing?”
  • Poor diet, poor sleep and lack of exercise all contribute to inflammation, immune ill-health, and ongoing pain.
  • Significant emotional distress earlier in life or around the time of injury may ‘prime’ the brain and pain systems to become more protective.
  • Persisting pain occurs because our systems become sensitised. Seek out tools to calm the nervous system.
  • Long term recovery can be a big task. Celebrate taking action, don’t wait until you’ve finished to congratulate yourself. “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”


Further info:

Consider something like the Smiling Minds app as a tool. See the related links list for android and iOS download links.   

For further help on diet or emotional health you may be eligible for medicare rebates for dietician consults or counselling. Ask your GP about Chronic disease management plan/Enhanced Primary Care plans (dietician), or Mental Health Care Plan (psychologist).

The following Healthy sleep habits list is modified from

Pain and Sleep Checklist Healthy Sleep Habits



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Session 3: Tipping The Balance

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