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Session 2.  Retraining the pain systems. Start here…


Key themes today:

  • Bioplasticity got you into this mess. Bioplasticity can get you out again.
  • MANY different things can make our pain go up or down, these things are not always obvious. 
  • To address the different contributors to your pain, you must first identify them. “Know who’s sinking your boat!”


What other key information do we want you to take away from today?

  • Tools like The Protectometer handbook can help to identify ‘hard to find’ factors in your pain. See the example on the next page. 
  • Think about your pain and what’s contributing. Are there contributors that need to be addressed that perhaps haven’t been?
  • Fears, concerns or worries will always be a factor (large or small) in pain. Discuss these concerns with the right person – many myths exist that feed certain worries.  Unfortunately, many are perpetuated by health professionals.  Examples of common myths:


  • ‘Correct Posture’
  • ‘Tighten the Core’
  • Scan findings will always explain your pain.
  • ‘Slipped’ discs, and spines ‘out of place’.


Upcoming sessions will continue to explore different contributors to pain, and give practical examples of how to tackle many of these issues. 


Sinking the boat


Session 1: How and Why Things Hurt

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Session 2: Retraining The Pain Systems. Start Here…

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