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Telehealth appointments for Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology are now available from HASTINGS clinicians and coming very soon to MORNINGTON clinicians. We are also offering ‘Virtual Exerise Classes’ hosted live by your favourite practitioner on the same technology.

Telehealth is simple.

Telehealth WORKS!

Telehealth keeps you safe during the Corona Crisis

Telehealth uses very simple and user-friendly technology on any device. We will send you simple instructions and guide you through the process (We use ‘Zoom’).

Password protected sessions are safe and secure.

To have a Telehealth appointment all you need to do is call reception and book to see your preferred practitioner, letting them know you would like a Telehealth appointment. HASTINGS practitioner Telehealth appointments can also be booked online, although for private patients we will need to speak to you on the phone prior to your appointment to arrange payment See below for rates information.

This appointment can take place from your Mac computer, PC, laptop, phone or tablet.


This is by far the most common concern for patients. But the answer is a resounding YES! It does work. Effective physio does NOT rely primarily on ‘hands-on’ treatment. Read on to find out more…

Telehealth is not new.  It has been successfully operating in medicine, physiotherapy and exercise for several years. Our experience and the findings of repeated scientific studies show that telehealth provides long term outcomes that are equal to that of face-to-face consultations for most conditions.

The ability for a physiotherapist to accurately assess most conditions and to guide you to recovery is based mostly on

  • Detailed knowledge and training,
  • Sound reasoning,
  • Clear and effective planning,
  • Great communication, and
  • The ability to give the right advice on strategies to overcome the problem.

Hands-on, or ‘manual therapy’ can certainly be very beneficial. It can speed up the early stages of recovery in many cases.  However, in our experience and in repeated quality studies we see that it is the advice, planning, exercise, rehabilitation and education provided to patients that make the BIGGEST differences in achieving a great outcome.  This can all be done via telehealth. All of this equally applies to exercise physiology in helping draw up your effective exercise plan.

Diagnosis is also accurate for most conditions via telehealth.  In the majority of cases it is the detailed information we gather while asking you about your problem that provides us with the best guide to a diagnosis.  Our physical tests then simply help refine or differentiate the most likely diagnosis. For the vast majority of these physical tests we can describe and demonstrate accurate methods for you to perform the test yourself while we watch and listen to you.

Just like in a face-to-face appointment we can then develop a plan and teach you strategies to achieve your recovery and your goals.

We are so confident that telehealth works well that we offer a full refund on your first session if you decide it is not right for you or we determine that your case is in the small minority where telehealth is not right.

At this stage, telehealth is not covered by Private Health Insurers (PHI’s) so we have decided to bill telehealth appoinments at only 70% of the rate of an in-rooms appointment. We will keep you updated as various insurers inevitably get on board.

WorkCover is funded and Medicare, DVA, NDIS, TAC are imminent. (At the time of writing we are hoping by March 30).

Still not sure? Contact us to arrange a free 10 minute discussion with either an exercise physiologist or physiotherapist to help decide if telehealth can work for you.

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